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How Can Massage Help My Headache?

Massage is a great way to battle your regular headaches especially those caused by

trigger points, muscle spasms, stress and general tension. These are thought to be a major cause of headaches. As your massage therapist I have some great tools to help give you relief from the pain – my anointed hands! Some points on your body, like the back of your skull (suboccipitals) can bring on a feeling of deep relaxation, and this spot is known to be a great place to massage anyone who has tension headaches. 

My training in Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) enables me to specifically address the obliquus capitis inferior (OCI) muscles whose primary function is to rotate the head on the neck.  These suboccipital muscles can become overstretched on one side and neurologically shortened on the other, resulting in pain and limited range of motion. Leveling the head and relaxing these muscles will provide relief from tension headaches.

Regular massage helps to regulate hormones (serotonin) in your body that manage your mood, sleeping patterns and appetite. You may already know that if you’re feeling tired, have low blood sugar or just in a bad mood that you are more prone to getting headaches. So, regulating the hormones responsible can really help decrease the number of headaches you experience. 

With something as common as a headache, often it’s the simple things that can make all the difference. A muscle tension easing massage can potentially relieve headaches caused by bad posture, too many pillows or not getting enough exercise. Massage can reduce pressure on the nerves and blood vessels that compound the problem. 

So next time you reach for another pain pill, consider booking yourself in for a massage treatment and give yourself the gift of long-term pain relief!

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