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Creating the Perfect Massage Session

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Creating the perfect massage session requires transparency between you and your therapist. The key here as in all relationships is: communication. Without actually telling the therapist about yourself, your needs, or your health history it becomes a guessing game. You may not get what you are looking for in a session or worse yet you may end up having a horrible massage.

Here is how to set yourself up to experience the perfect massage.

Arrive on Time

Seems simple enough but we know that this can be difficult for some to do. Trust me this is not an appointment you want to be late to. Remember, the whole point in getting the massage is to relax and relieve tension. If you can, arrive 10-15 minutes early. Due to safety precautions during the pandemic, you may not be able to enter the building or office space but just sitting in your car and quieting your thoughts before your massage session can be helpful.

Give an Accurate Health History

I can’t tell you how many health intake forms I’ve received with little to no info about the client’s health history. Any allergies? Injuries? Meds? Surgeries? Rashes or skin sensitivities? This is important info to share. Please let your therapist know these things for safety reasons. Your pre-existing conditions could possibly change your therapist’s protocol for your session.

Set Clear Goals for Your Session

What areas would you like your therapist to focus on and why? It may be helpful to make a short note to self on what you are feeling in your body a couple of days prior to your session. Then, share this info with your therapist before your session begins regardless of how intuitive you think he or she is.

Be Open to the Experience

Believe it or not, but your massage therapist is an “expert” at giving massages. For example, if you tell the therapist that you have really tight shoulders, be open to the suggested areas of focus by the therapist. Dare I say, work the pectorals to open the chest?

Be Quiet...

Try to relax and quiet yourself. I know this can be difficult if talking actually helps you let go of held tension. I like talking to my clients and hearing about their lives but let’s try to keep the conversation to a minimum while on the table.

...But Speak Up When You Don’t Like Something

As a therapist, it’s disappointing to read in a review or hear at the end of a session something that could have been changed during the session. Room too cold? Too much pressure? Face cradle too high? Don’t like stretches? I want you to enjoy your session, please let me know when something isn’t right.

Book Your Next Session

Your body needs regular maintenance to perform optimally. Getting a massage every now and then or when you are in pain will provide some relief but it won’t sustain you. And if you are anything like me, if it’s not on the calendar it won’t get done. Before you leave your appointment, make sure to schedule your next session. Besides, it gives you something to look forward to.

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