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Be Good to Yourself

Have you ever felt that your body was unworthy of love or not deserving of nurturing? I've been there. As a mom, wife and wellness professional I trained myself to put others needs before my own forgetting that I can not be the best version of myself while operating on empty. For many years, I forgot the importance of being "good to myself" to refill my tank.

For me, being good to myself includes things like working out, getting massages, eating "real" food, enjoying a glass of wine, reading a book or taking time to simply be quiet without feeling guilty about it. When I do these things, I feel better about myself. This is self-love. Being good to myself creates a positive body image that allows me to be more present, grounded, open, aware and unafraid to just be me. My beautiful self. I encourage you to also give yourself permission to be good to yourself.

Receiving a massage or engaging in a workout routine is a great way to develop a positive body image. Yes, disrobing to get a massage or attending a fitness class in a pair of leggings to sweat and reveal our many imperfections is beneficial. Here's why - massage therapists and personal trainers are professionals that specialize in the human body. Simply put, our job is not to judge the body before us but rather to see the anatomy and help that particular body move and feel better.

So no, you don't need to get in shape first to get a massage or join a fitness class. Guess what?! Relaxation and self-care is not just for modelesque type bodies. Not having this stereotypical body is even more reason to engage in these activities. It's the job of the therapist or trainer to figure out a safe way to work with you because you are worth it. And if you ever have an unfortunate experience with a "professional" who does not show compassion for your needs or limitations FIND A NEW THERAPIST OR TRAINER.

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