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The Power of Relaxation

A day at a spa sounds ideal for some much-needed relaxation but that is not always possible. Sometimes we feel like we have to go somewhere or do something elaborate to help us relax. Not true. There are other simple ways to relax and unwind without having to leave your own home.

Breathe Deeply

Stop as you’re reading this, and take a long, deep breath. Inhaling for a five count and exhaling for a five count. The act of concentrating on your breathing slows everything down. This is a simple technique to bring about a sense of calm and relaxation.

Practice Mindfulness

You can start a meditative practice by just being mindful – being aware of your surroundings, even your body. Try focusing on one part of your body at a time. For example, how do your toes feel right now? Are they relaxed or tense? Do they feel warm or cold? Work your way along your body, breathing slowly in and out as you go. Take a few moments to focus on you.

Try Self-Massage

Massage and the power of touch are incredibly relaxing. Explore your own body and create a nighttime ritual of massaging your scalp or feet to help you relax. No need to wait until your next professional massage session to experience healing touch. You have the power in your own hands.

Get Outside

Being outdoors is a natural relaxant and getting some green space is an excellent way to calm down any stressful feelings. Make time to take a walk outside to breathe in some fresh air and notice how you feel afterwards.

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