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Shiatsu for Less Stress & More Energy

The Japanese form of body work known as Shiatsu is a method of using pressure to relieve stress and discomfort. It follows the energy meridians to release stagnant energy and stimulate blood flow to an area. It is especially applicable to working on yourself and can be done pretty much anywhere. Give a few of these Shiatsu moves a try. Choose the ones you like and create your own sequence to apply throughout the day.

Caution: If any of these moves causes pain, discontinue them. Just take good care of yourself.

  • Holding one foot, press your thumbs into the center of the ball of your foot Then rub your knuckles vigorously across the sole. Repeat on the other side.

  • Using the knuckles of each hand, reach around your back and slide up and down each side of the spine, from as high as yo can reach down to the low back/sacrum area.

  • Intertwine your fingers on the back of your neck and bring your elbows forward. Squeeze your palms toward one another without pulling the neck forward. Do this 5 times or more.

  • Rub your hands vigorously together to create heat and then rub your palms briskly up and down on your cheeks. Repeat briskly rubbing the side of your nose.

  • Using the pad of your fingers, begin to apply pressure at the center point above your upper lip. Press and release every 1/2 inch until you reach the corner of the lips. Repeat on the area below the lips.

  • For anxiety, use your fingertips or knuckles to drum lightly across the entire skull.

  • For mental clarity, stick your index fingers in your ears. Move them back and forth with a light pressure.

  • For vitality, squeeze one arm with your fingers. Move up and down the entire arm and repeat on the other side.

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