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Self-Massage for Arms and Shoulders

Try these between massage sessions, especially when doing something repetitive like desk work or gardening.

To Release the Neck and Shoulders

Reach up and grab the base of the left side of your neck with your right hand. Squeeze and release, moving your hand down your left shoulder and arm. Repeat several times on both sides of your body.

For a Deep Massage to the Arms

  • Warm the arm by quickly squeezing the muscles, then briskly rubbing up and down the entire area.

  • Put one forearm on a countertop or a high table. Use a folded towel or blanket for padding if you like. Now, place your other elbow on top of the warmed one and press firmly in a line down to the wrist. Repeat three times down each line, turning your forearm until you have worked the entire area.

  • Using your thumb, return to any spots that are extra tender and press firmly but gently for a few seconds on each spot. Repeat all or part of these steps several times a day.

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