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Corporate Wellness with Anointed Hands

It's so awesome to see and hear about more companies offering wellness services on-site for their employees. Some companies offer a pharmacy, health clinic, daycare and fitness centers in addition to Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA). I was thinking, "how can Anointed Hands be a part of this wellness initiative?" By offering massage therapy and on-site Pilates classes to companies as a way to boost employee morale by reducing stress, increasing overall productivity, and decreasing absenteeism and repetitive-stress injuries. There are various ways to incorporate massage therapy or a Pilates mat class at your company.

Here’s how Anointed Hands can help:

  1. I can provide chair massage or Pilates classes on-site at your company quarterly, monthly, biweekly or weekly. (Applicable Fees)

  2. I can offer your staff a special discount throughout the year towards a 60 minute massage or Pilates session at Anointed Hands.

  3. I can donate gift certificates for special occasions or recognitions at your office (i.e. secretary day, volunteer or employee of the month, health fairs, etc).

Are you fortunate enough to already have a Wellness Team at work? These are the people to talk to about adding these valuable services. If your company does not have a team dedicated to wellness/health initiatives there is still hope for offering massage or Pilates on-site. We could try talking directly to management or Human Resources about choosing Anointed Hands for corporate chair massage or Pilates.

If interested, feel free to contact me with any questions or to get started with a Corporate Wellness Program at or call (414)446-2616. For more information about Anointed Hands, please visit our website .

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