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5 Myths About Pilates

Even though the exercise method, Pilates, has been around for over a 100 years there is still this lingering connotation that Pilates is only for a certain group of people. As a Pilates teacher I often hear "Pilates is too hard" or "I need to get in shape before trying Pilates". I understand why some feel this way. If you look at images of Pilates students or teachers online, you would think that we were all white women with a dancer's body - not true. Seriously, google the word "Pilates" and select images to see for yourself. I don't fit into that category at all as a black woman with an athletic build and absolutely no dance background. However, after trying one class I knew that Pilates would be key to my longevity as a massage therapist. This led me to become a Pilates teacher so that I could help REAL people feel strong and aware of their bodies. Pilates meets you where you are and is a tool to help you reach your fitness goals. Now let's debunk some Pilates myths so t